Monday, November 23, 2015

Lets improve our ranking


I like , I have another which is quite similar. I thought maybe we could share links or articles in order to improve our Google Rank?
I can't do this alone so we would need to cooperate to benefit from it.
It's only about exchange of links. There's no payment of any kind involved.

Get back to me if you are interested.

Best regards,
Alexa Herman

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Unsubscribe from Your Own Email Spider

Hello , You are now unsubscribe from Your Own Email Spider


Looking for high quality data(email addresses & phone numbers)?

Hi ,
Email/Internet Marketing Expert-Ankur Patel
Ankur PateL - CEO
Infotrex Services Pvt. Ltd.
- Managing Information 4 U

Phone Numbers:
USA : +1- 313 - 447- 1275
India : +91- 93761 33927

This is Ankur Patel - CEO of Infotrex Services Pvt. Ltd.
-Web development & Internet Marketing company based
in Ahmedabad.

I have sent this email to help you marketing your business
using quality data.

See my LinkedIn Profile here:

See many of my internet marketing videos here:

Basically, we provide email addresses & phone
numbers based on your chosen keywords from
Google search results.

For example: “web development company in chicago”
keyword can fetch emails & phone numbers of web
development companies in chicago.
(based on Google search results)

How do we fetch data based on keywords?

We fetch websites from google search results
based on the given keyword first.

Then, we crawl those websites &
fetch emails & phone numbers from it.

Our Online Software is available at:

See the video demonstration here:

Our pricing:

1. Per Keyword – $3 or Rs. 180
(We do it for you everything.
No Software access required.
We will send you email with data files for chosen keywords)

2. Unlimited Keywords – $150 or Rs. 9,000 Per Month
(Do it Yourself-We will provide you online software access to
enter keywords and download data)

Please note: With unlimited plan, you can fetch data for
approx.150 keywords in 1 month.
So, effective rate is: $1 or Rs. 60 per keyword

If you want to fetch data in large volume and in
short time,you can sign-up for multiple
accounts(with Unlimited Keywords pricing plan).

If you are interested to use our software or services,
feel free to call me or reply this email.



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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Adcenter Coupon Worth 200 USD  is offering holiday Bing promotional cpdes its Bing ads customers. Bing is the fastest growing ad network and it shows ads on Bing and yahoo networks both. It is providing $200 Worth
Bing Ads Coupon Worth 200 USD to new Bing ads Customers. Price of Coupon is 15$ or 1000 Rupees.
You can save $200 in your bing ad accounts, you can use it in new ad account or less than 30 days old ad accounts.
bing coupon 200 Bing Coupon $200 For New Ads.
This coupon works worldwide in any country.
Terms and conditions to use Bing Ads Coupon $200 :-
1- it works in New Accounts and less than 30 days old.
2-It works in postpaid bing ad accounts.
3-You need to add a valid payment method to use these bing coupons.
4-Only one coupon works per accounts.
5-Expiry of Coupon is in 30th November 2015. (new coupons will come after 30 November again so same offer will be available later also)
6-You can not mix this coupon with any other coupon
7-100% guidance for how to use coupon
Contact me st skype id speakmeme Email id Call +91-8586875020 / +91-9136075049

Monday, November 2, 2015

Fuel Ethanol professionals



Would you be interested in our Fuel Ethanol professionals mailing list  which includes complete contact details and verified email addresses of –


Ø  Suppliers and Technology Service Providers

Ø  Equipment Manufacturers

Ø  Economic Development, Finance and Lending Professionals,


Key decision makers :- Owners, purchasing managers, category managers, and buyers industry vendors, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, investors and policymakers other business categories such as:


If you are interested please let me know your targeted criteria, I can assist you with the count/costs, and more details for your consideration.


Target Industry :  _____________ ;     Target Geography :  ______________;     Target Job Title :  _________________


Kindly let me know your thoughts.

Thanks & Best Regards

Liza Wilson| Inside Sales

Email Lists | Email Marketing | Data Appending | List Cleansing | Email Hygiene  

Note: If  This industry is not relevant to you please reply back with your Target Market we have all types of target market available.


Disclaimer: we respect your privacy if you do not wish to receive any further emails. Kindly notify us by replying back with a subject "unsubscribe"




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