Early exclusive invitation to the simplest video editing app


This is Kazy, CEO of VIBBIDI, the simplest video editing app. We messaged you a few weeks ago after seeing your stunning pictures, and now we're thrilled to contact you again with an early invitation to become one of our initial community members!

VIBBIDI strives for a platform that collects the world's short gorgeous videos from around the globe. Its public launch will be at the end of September. Starting this month, we are sending out early special invitations to Influential creators who post beautiful photos on social media and who match our concept!

We believe that the community created by the initial users will determine the product's quality. As such, we have taken special care in choosing the founding users through a rigorous selection process and only sending those select few an invitation. We strongly desire people like you, who take beautiful photos, to be a part of our first generation community!

VIBBIDI is an app optimized for posting videos to Instagram and Facebook! It's easy to edit stunning videos like the ones shown below! We already have gained participation from a large number of influential top creators from 100 countries around the world, and there's no doubt that you will be inspired in many ways just from viewing some of their breathtaking videos!

Please download our app from here to begin your trial. Now, and later when we make our public launch, this app will be completely free of charge!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback about us. We look forward to working with you in making this app the most breathtaking video platform in the world!

Many thanks,
Kazuhiro Naya

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