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Dear Manager,

Have a good day! This is John. I learned you are on molecular sieve market. So I'd like to recommend you our company for corporation.

Actually, we are top molecular sieve manufacturer in China with ISO9001:2008 certificate. Now the company has the capacity of 15000T/Year of molecular sieve and 40000T/year of synthetic zeolite powder, the largest in Asia. We have been supplying molecular sieve,synthetic zeolite powder to France, Swizerland, Germany, USA, etc since 2002. Our products inculde:

1. 3A/4A/5A/13X molecular sieve;
2. PSA/VPSA oxygen enrichment molecular sieve;
3. Binderless 5A moelcular sieve for hydrogen purification;
4. JLOX-300, a UOP APG-III molecular sieve for cryogenic air separation, more energy than 13X-APG;
5. Activated alumina.
6. Synthetic zeolite powder: 3A/4A/5A/13X/MSX-takes 50% China market;
7. XH series for refrigerant dehydartion;
8. Molecular Sieve for Air Break System.

Is there any opportunity for our corporation? Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about our product and company.

Best regards!
Luoyang Jianlong Micro-Nano New Materials Co., Ltd.

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