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Inter Caste Marriages

India accommodates people belonging to many religions, caste and greed. They exist with one another as good friends and foes without discrimination or racial aversions. Still, our religious roots are so strong that we are hesitant to marry our son or daughter into another caste or religion. Only a few broad minded people look do not mind a inter caste marriage.
The main reason for this aversion is the difference in the culture or belief system. People today are well educated and they don't limit themselves to any set boundaries or categories of people. They are broad minded and don't look at fellow human beings as a personification of a religion or caste. Although the caste system has minimized when it comes to marriage some parents are still very hesitant. It is mainly the elders in the family who cannot digest this inter caste marriage.
New generation youngsters are very broad minded and they move along with everyone irrespective of caste or greed. It so happens that they might meet someone interesting who might not belong to the same religion. But they don't mind this difference as much as they parents would. But times are changing and parents are realizing that their kid's happiness is more important and try to accept this change with open mind. First it is important to realize that we are all human beings basically. Our belief in God or the spiritual system might be different but we all share the same flesh and blood.
For successful marriage both the families must forget their religious differences and try to get into a common ground where they can relate to one another as humans. They should not try to push in their own beliefs with the others and mutual respect for one another's religion is a must. Try to sit together and finalize as to how the marriage should be conducted. To avoid misunderstanding it is best to get into a registered marriage followed by an elaborate reception. No particular religious formalities need to be followed. A general wedding unbiased by religion is a smart way to avoid unnecessary tension. Some people may prefer to perform the customs from both side and marry twice to keep both side of parents and family happy. But this brings burden of extra expenditure and it is more like wasting money and effort. Some couple prefers to go with register marriage and then throw lavish reception. This defiantly reduces the expenses and may keep everyone equally happy.
Today when we look at matrimonial columns and ads it is very encouraging to see many ads with "caste no bar", inclusion. It reflects the transformations in the minds of people who are ready to embrace all people are equals. Habits and beliefs can be altered if only we can alter our attitude in life. Today's changing time is defiantly helpful to bring this change about. New generation is inching towards making society liberal in real sense. Wedding are made in heaven and should we now question which religion's heaven. Times have changed and so must our attitude towards life.